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LOWEST Prices on Premium Mulch, Delivery, & Service:

“Any” Premium Mulch "Triple Shredded" (Dyed Black, Red, Brown, or Organic)

Our Installation is Priceless..!!!! 

No Mess or Fuss - "We do it ALL":

    • No Stained Driveways
                      • We never dump our Mulch onto driveways, it remains on our trucks and trailers until applied to landscape.

Yard Waste Removed from Site
            • We can haul away the yard waste and dispose it for you 
            • No need to worry about landscape bags or overflowing garbage cans.
    • Professional installation & courtesy - Only Premium Quality Mulch is purchased from my suppliers 
                      •  Google Calendar Entries, E-mail reminders, Personal trust with our services. 
98% of business is from referrals 
Maintain 100% of my customers annually.
Our Standard installation includes   

- Edging

- Light Weeding

- Mulch application

We can clean-out your flower beds, trim your shrubs, and use a contractor's grade pre-emergent for an additional small fee {$5 per CY}.

Options exist for a "Full Yard Clean-up & Disposal" -or- application of Weed Barrier Fabric - Ask for details

Other Bulk Materials are available 

– Topsoil, Manure, Pine chips, Sawdust, etc.(Ask for Details) 

Black Dyed Mulch:

Cost Savings "Bulk Mulch" vs. "Bagged Mulch"

1 Cubic Yard = 16 Bags of Mulch

  • Home Depot & Lowe's will charge your $3.33 +Plus Tax per bag  
  • ($3.67 X 16 Bags = $58.72 + (Tax 7%) = $62.83

Our Costs - 1 Cubic Yard of Premium Mulch (Dyed Black, Red, Brown, or Organic) = $45.95 Flat 
(Savings of Over $16 per CY or > $1.15 per Bag)
Most Homes require about 5 CY -   $85 - $130 Savings for Mulch Alone..!!!  When Taking your precious Time into consideration - (Fuel, Time, Effort, Tools, Trimming, Weeding, Preen application, Hedge Trimming, and then the clean-up afterwards

Brown Dyed Mulch:

Red Dyed Mulch:

Organic / Natural Mulch:

Fun Facts about Much

WHY MULCH? The right mulch in the right place can be a real blessing. It conserves moisture, keeps down weeds, keeps the soil cool and makes your yard more attractive, among other benefits. Mulch simplifies mowing and it keeps string trimmers and lawn mowers away from unprotected tree trunks. Mulch can be the visual “glue” that knits a landscape together.

WHERE TO MULCH? The obvious answer is to put the mulch where you need its services. If you want weed control, spread mulch three inches thick. If you want water savings and cool roots, spread the mulch out to the branch tips of the plant you intend to protect. 

MULCH MISTAKES:  I see many commercial landscapes that feature “mulch volcanoes” around tree trunks.  This is a terrible situation for the tree because the mulch holds moisture against the trunk. This makes life delightful for fungi which can eat right through the bark and cause tree death. Mulch should be thin against the trunk & spread thick outward.

Mulch Feeds the soil: Our mulches will break down overtime, adding nutrients and organic matter to your soil.  The worms and microbes in the soil will break down organic mulches over time, which will result in healthier soil life.